Smart Cities and IT, 5G takes off in Abruzzo. This morning, Vice President Giovanni Lolli and CEO and President of Western Europe Hu Kun signed a partnership triggering a wide range of highly innovative technological national activities. The memorandum focuses on the implementation of 5G projects, the creation of Smart Cities at a regional level and an IT development plan.

The memorandum also included various joint programmes in order to organise research and innovation activities. An important partnership between ZTE and the local region, with the aim of making Abruzzo a high-tech area, with the hope of extending the initiative to a wider inter-regional level (with neighbouring administrations).

The agreement provides for the establishment of a joint control centre, which will open before 30 September 2018, aimed at implementing the agreement, in addition to the assessment of possible means of financing and co-financing scientific projects of shared interest that may positively contribute towards employment.

“With the support of a company like ZTE,” stated CEO Hu Kun “the region of Abruzzo can take an important step towards promoting regional development models, but above all, it will be able to support collaboration between small and large companies, with the aim of strengthening the region’s productive fabric and preparing companies for new challenges.”