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ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet,  hosted  on 24 and 25 November its 2020 Global 5G Summit and User Congress in the form of visual conference. With the focus on exploring industry applications and tapping the potential of 5G, ZTE and global operators, consulting agencies, and industry partners have conducted in-depth discussions on 5G innovative technologies, in a bid to promote 5G ecosystem development.

At the summit, operators from various regions around the world have introduced their 5G roadmaps, commercial deployment strategies, and explored 5G commercial construction and operation initiatives together. As a pioneer of digital economy, ZTE has also presented its various innovative applications in 5G smart manufacturing, 5G smart ports, and 5G environmental protection.

As an industry leader in four 5G innovation fields, ZTE has worked out a number of innovative products and solutions to address the requirements of global 5G commercial constructions. In the green energy saving field, ZTE is the first to promote PowerPilot solution to achieve all-round 5G energy saving, consumption reduction and intelligent operation.

In terms of improving spectrum utilization efficiency, ZTE’s SuperDSS and FAST solutions have been commercially deployed on a large scale.

In the coverage enhancement field, ZTE’s 1+X SSB and eDAS can effectively solve indoor coverage problems.

In the industry application field, ZTE has taken the lead to launch the site-level computing power engine, the NodeEngine solution, and completed the tests on the solution, thereby providing a variety of flexible and on-demand distribution strategies for the industry park.

“Despite the challenges such as COVID-19, the pace of 5G commercialization has not stopped, ” said  Mr. Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE Corporation. “ZTE has actively tapped the potential of the network and the industry, maintained its steady operation, strengthened R&D investment and innovation, and continuously improved customer satisfaction while further strengthening the company’s core competitive advantages in the 5G era.”

Leveraging its comprehensive advantages in device, network, cloud, and platform, ZTE will continue to provide ultimate networks, precision cloud-networks and empowering platforms, and work with partners to empower thousands of industries with 5G, thereby facilitating the digital transformation.