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ZTE has just established a subsidiary named ZTE San Marino, the new company is an investment for ZTE to support the activities will be done in San Marino following the agreement signed with the ancient state of San Marino, aim to transform the state into a digital and smart country. 

The new company is the first base in the program that ZTE has with the Government of San Marino and is functional to the operation of the common objectives set in the MOU signed last year, in particular on the deployment of the project of modernization and development of telecommunications infrastructure and training and research activities.

The initiative aims to develop high-tech infrastructure to optimize and expand the services offered to the territory, promoting economic development in the country through the emergence of competition in services offered to private and business customers.

The project also includes the launch of a 5G service coverage – a technology in which ZTE is the world leader – and a candidate for the Republic of San Marino to become one of the first Smart Countries in the world.