ZTE Italia Group and CNIT (National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications – have signed an agreement in Rome to finalize the launch of a partnership related to the Cyber Security Laboratory, been recently inaugurated by the Chinese multinational company at its Via Laurentina headquarter.

In particular, the parties undertake to cooperate in the field of Cyber Security to carry out activities in support of the identification and definition of testing methodologies, and supervision of the related activities.

In particular, the collaboration will have as its object the constitution, organization and operational management of a Technical Committee of Cyber Security Experts, responsible for the supervision of technical-experimental activities for the analysis and verification of cybernetic security requirements on equipment, hardware/software, systems and digital platforms required by ZTE Italia.

The team will be led by a Technical Supervisor, identified by CNIT among several specialists with proven expertise in the fields of Cyber Security,

“With this agreement – said Hu Kun, President of ZTE for Western Europe and CEO of ZTE Italia – we want to take a further transparent step, entrusting the University Consortium with the supervision of the activities of our Lab. We consider it essential to offer to all the stakeholders our concrete and effective involvement to follow the compliance of all the European laws and directives on such a sensitive issue. For this reason – underlines Hu Kun – we decided to entrust CNIT with the supervision of the activities within our Cyber Lab. For us, ZTE, reliability and transparency are essential.”