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 ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has secured the western network project in China Mobile’s phase-13 centralized procurement for inter-provincial backbone transport network equipment. The western network, covering 19 provinces of China, will be the world’s largest commercial optical transport network (OTN), with a total link length reaching 53,828 km.

In this western network project, ZTE will provide different coding modes to flexibly meet long-haul, medium-haul and short-haul transmission scenarios in China Mobile’s western network.

Moreover, ZTE’s unique Beyond-100G Flex Shaping algorithm can achieve multi-point optimization on the optical and electrical layers to effectively improve the transmission distance and substantially reduce the regeneration boards, thereby greatly saving network construction costs.

ZTE is recognized as one of the few vendors with the complete 200G optical and electrical hybrid cross-connect solution. Its ROADM and OXC architecture supports flexible service scheduling on the optical layer, thereby improving operation and maintenance efficiency and shortening service provisioning time.

Aiming to address the traffic boom in the 5G era, China Mobile has been focusing on the construction of an ultra-high-speed 100G OTN network for many years, covering all of China. The backbone OTN network in this centralized procurement is composed of the eastern and western networks.

ZTE has been deeply involved in the construction of China Mobile’s western backbone OTN, and has built two 100G OTN western networks for China Mobile. The two networks cover 20 provinces and municipalities across China, achieving a total area of 7,729,100 square kilometers, about 80% of the land area of China.