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ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that in partnership with the Xiamen branch of China Mobile, it has developed the industry’s first multidimensional protection solution and taken the lead in verifying SPN in live networks.

The solution includes SR-TP 1:1 tunnel protection, dynamic rerouting protection, SR-BE escape path and intelligent path calculation based on high-risk link identification. The solution is able to dramatically enhance network reliability in case of multiple failures and extreme weather.

The solution can detect real-time intra-domain network faults and identify high-risk links through the distributed controller of the device, and the all-network fault status through the centralized controller of the management and control system. Moreover, the solution has integrated various technologies of active and standby protection, rerouting, and escape path for comprehensive protection.

The first protection is the SR-TP 1:1 tunnel protection, which has a deterministic protection switching time of under 50ms when a fault occurs.

The second protection is the dynamic rerouting. When multi-point failures take place, the UME (Unified Management Expert) enables the automatic rerouting within the domain and across the domain, and the combination of the rerouting technology and SR-TP 1:1 tunnel protection brings “permanent 1:1” protection.

The third protection is the escape path protection, which is independent from the management and control system. The device offers the self-convergence powered by the SR-BE protocol to form an escape path. When the network element breaks the connection with the management and control system, the device automatically interconnects the services for quick recovery.

The fourth protection is the intelligent path calculation based on high-risk link identification. UME’s big data analysis is used to pick out high-risk links upfront so that they can be automatically avoided during service deployment or rerouting.

The multidimensional protection solution has adopted ZTE’s ZXCTN 6700 series, ZXCTN6000 series and new-generation intelligent management and control system ZENIC ONE (UME) in one network, covering up to 43 use cases of multi-fault scenarios in existing networks.

The solution can allow rapid service recovery automatically throughout the process, without any manual intervention, in case of single-point, multi-point, intra-domain, cross-domain failures, or even the disconnection of the management and control system or the SPN device, hence remarkable service protection capabilities.