Hu Kun (CEO ZTE Italia) “We believe in Italy and in its development potential, we will invest 1 billion in the next 5 years”.

“The 5G has to be used by the State to unite all corners of Italy and must be a driving force for economy and innovation”. Like this the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Francesco Boccia, addresses his letter to the “Why be afraid of 5G? When knowledge creates value “, the meeting organized by ZTE Italia and designed to make a point on the development scenarios of fifth-generation superfast networks.”5G – continued the minister – is an opportunity to keep the nation united, a kind of public work that must conceptually resemble more the Autostrada del Sole than the High Speed.”

“We want to be in Italy and we are willing to invest and grow: we trust the country and we are demonstrating throughout our initiatives that ZTE is a reliable, transparent and unique company.” Said Hu Kun, president Western Europe and CEO ZTE Italia. “ZTE believes in Italy and in its potential for development, and for this reason we want to work to encourage, and even anticipate, the modernization of the country – continued the CEO – and we want to do this through an investment plan, the opening of new offices and the creation of new jobs.” And from the stage set up in the Roman headquarters, he concluded “We have completed in the last 5 years the 500 million investment plan, and for the next 5 years we will invest another billion”.

Speaking for the first time at a public event in Italy was Peng Aiguang, President ZTE Europe and America, who recalled “the great work and effort to ensure 5G up to international standards.”  Chinese Ambassador in Italy, Li Junhua, who attended remotely, also underlined 5G should not be scary: “We invite The Parliament, companies and associations to participate to our on data defence evaluations. Equity, inclusion, and transparency are the three pillars on which China bases its work”.

A great moment of debate on the topics that today guide the discussion on 5G in Italy, from the geopolitical issues to those ones related to the development and deployment of the new technology, from the health of citizens to the information. “We can only support such moments of sharing, aimed both to take stock on technology and to affirm, once again, how 5G is an opportunity not to be missed,” said Pietro Guindani, President of Asstel, at the beginning of construction.  A wide debate that has seen the contribution of political and institutional representatives, opinion leaders, operators, scientists and journalists.

Speakers included Massimo D’Alema (LeU), former Prime Minister, President of the Italianieuropei Foundation, Mirella Liuzzi (M5S) – Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development, Alberto Calcagno – CEO Fastweb, Roberto Basso – Director of External Affairs and Sustainability, Wind3, Adolfo Urso (FdI) – Vice-President COPASIR, Vincenza Bruno Bossio (PD) – Secretary of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Chamber of Deputies, Luca Carabetta (M5S) – Component of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Chamber of Deputies. Head of Innovation for M5S, Federico Mollicone (FdI) – Member of the Commission for Culture, Science and Education, Chamber of Deputies. National Innovation Manager for Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgio Mulè (FI) – Member of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Chamber of Deputies. Spokesman of the Parliamentary Groups of Forza Italia, Luciano Nobili (IV) – Member of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Chamber of Deputies, Marco Zanni (I&D, League) – President of the Identity and Democracy Group, EU Parliament, Edoardo Alesse – Rector – University of L’Aquila, Nicola Blefari Melazzi – Director of the National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, CNIT, Giuseppe Bianchi – Professor of Telecommunications and Network Security at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Fabio Graziosi – Professor of Telecommunications at the University of L’Aquila, Vincent Garnier – General Manager FTTH Council Europe, Benny Cohen – Former Media Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin, Marco Carnelos – former Ambassador to Iraq and Diplomatic Advisor to the Prime Ministers from 1995 to 2011. President of Mc.Geopolicy, Andrea Margelletti – President of C.e.S.I, Mariangela Pira – SkyTg24 anchorwoman and reporter, Massimo Gaggi – Editorialist from New York for Corriere della Sera, Mila Fiordalisi – Director of Cor.Com, Ugo Barbara – Editor-in-chief of Agi, Luca Zorloni – Head of the Economy and Internet section of Wired.