30 March 2021, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its pre-connectorized solution, PON+ solution, and intelligent OXC solution have received Lightwave Innovation Reviews high scores, in recognition of ZTE’s leading position in the optical communications field.


Pre-connectorized ODN solution: realizing efficient optical network deployment

ZTE’s pre-connectorized ODN solution includes a series of pre-connectorized boxes for indoor and outdoor optical nodes and pre-fabricated optical cables. In replacement of traditional complicated fiber fusion splicing, the innovative connection of pre-fabricated optical cables makes fiber splicing easier and improves construction efficiency. This solution also boasts the industry’s first pre-connectorized connectors that support “blind insertion” and “self-lock”. Thanks to its modular design, the solution offers all-weather deployment and ensures easier operations and more flexible networking.


PON+ solution: F5G technical innovation and commercial practice

With the systematical optimization and innovation of the optical access technology, ZTE PON+ solution enhances end-to-end full-scenario coverage, deterministic low-latency, virtualization, access network computing capability, and reliability. It also boosts the quality and user experience of home broadband services, while promoting the PON technologies to extend the scenarios from home to government and enterprise. On top of those advantages, the solution supports the traditional trades and industries to move to fiber, digitalization and intellectualization. It paves a way for F5G and stimulates the new growth in the industries, providing a solid foundation for the long-term layout and development of various industries.


Intelligent OXC solution based on C++ band: building efficient, reliable, and green optical networks

ZTE’s intelligent OXC system supports a maximum of 32-degree optical directions. It can be applied on C++ band to achieve up to 1,500T+ node capacity to implement service scheduling in multiple directions flexibly at core data center nodes.

ZTE’s OXC system employs three innovative technologies. Firstly, it is based on optical backplane. Multiple ribbon optical fibers are automatically routed and encapsulated into flexible boards as an optical switching matrix. This leads to the great reduction of the connection loss, further contributing to the significant improvement of system reliability. Besides, high-precision optical connectors are also utilized to ensure high-precision alignment of optical interfaces. The automatic locking and unlocking of the connectors are able to resist the vibration interference from the external environment. Furthermore, it features an innovative dust-proof design of optical connector, which effectively protects the optical backplane from dust pollution during operation. In addition, its intelligent optical label can implement intelligent monitoring and tracking of wavelengths, thereby significantly improving network deployment and O&M efficiency. Lightwave Innovation Reviews was presented by Lightwave, a well-known media in the global optical network industry. Lightwave has held the annual innovation awards for many years, aiming to recognize the top products and solutions in the optical communication field. The judging panel consists of famous optical network specialists from network operators, suppliers, as well as senior executives, analysts and engineers from industrial research and consulting companies.