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1 November 2021, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has released its 2021 Cybersecurity White Paper Providing Customers with Secure and Trustworthy Products and Services. The white paper systematically describes how ZTE adopts industry standards and best practices into its product life cycle and implements top-down and risk-based cybersecurity governance.

As important infrastructures for a nation, telecommunications equipment and systems have been widely valued by governments, operators and users worldwide. At present, the deployments of 5G networks have already begun, which will pave the way for smart cities, remote surgery, autonomous vehicles, and large-scale IoT connectivity.

Although the new characteristics of 5G technologies have brought new security challenges and concerns, 5G security has been strengthened as much as never before. From the formulation and compliance of industry standards, coordinated vulnerability response and disclosure, to manufacturers’ comprehensive security measures, the entire industry and stakeholders are working together to enhance cybersecurity.

ZTE regards cybersecurity as the highest priority for its product R&D and delivery. The company has established a robust security governance system to promote security awareness and culture, and continuously strengthen the cybersecurity assurance of its entire supply chain.

ZTE strives to design, develop and deliver secure products by implementing security in the whole business process. For supply chain, ZTE emphasizes the credibility of suppliers, security of materials, components and manufacturing, and guarantees supply continuity and resilience. For R&D, ZTE adopts the security by design principle to ensure that the product development process is secure and controllable through the continuously improved process. For engineering service, ZTE follows standardized operations to ensure the secure delivery of products and services.

The white paper also emphasizes the importance of security maturity verification. ZTE complies with common technical standards, certification systems and evaluation frameworks, and leverages its cybersecurity labs to enable customers, regulators and stakeholders to verify security of ZTE products in a convenient, effective and transparent way.

ZTE has been committed to providing customers with secure and trustworthy products and services, ensuring the security of communications network equipment, so as to realize industrial digital transformation enabled by 5G networks. Furthermore, cybersecurity needs to be safeguarded by the entire industry and all stakeholders, so that global users can fully enjoy the digital life brought about by the development of communications technology.


Click here to download the full version of “2021 ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper”.