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19 May 2022, Rome, Italy – In charge since April 2022, the new cybersecurity Director has gained international professional experience in the field of Information Security over the years, specialising mainly in the offensive side of the subject. Bongiorni has also contributed to the world of InfoSec by sharing his research on various topics, including offensive hardware implants, IoT Hacking, physical security and attacks on radio networks, at the most important industry conferences (BlackHat, DEFCON, HackInParis, TROOPERS, OWASP Chapters, etc.). In addition to his daily work on 5G security, he also conducts research on the forensic analysis of IIoT devices and the development of IoOT (Internet of Offensive Things) devices.

After several years of study in the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, before coming back to Italy, 2012 Bongiorni lived and worked in Vilnius where he held various roles for large multinationals.

Adhering to the principle of openness and transparency and fulfilling its commitment to securing the ICT sector against cybersecurity threats, ZTE established three cybersecurity labs in Nanjing, Brussels and Rome. The labs operate as a platform for global customers, regulators and other stakeholders to conduct independent assessments of the security of ZTE’s products, services and processes, as well as a hub for collaboration and communication.

The Italian ZTE Cybersecurity Lab is part of the governance system aimed at providing customers with a secure delivery of our products and services. It was the first of its kind opened in Europe by ZTE in 2019 with the purpose of transforming it, over the years, not only into a workplace where its leading security experts work, but also into a platform for collaboration between ZTE institutions, universities and all stakeholders for capacity building and knowledge transfer. Among the many ongoing partnerships there is one with CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni), a non-profit organisation bringing together 37 Italian public universities, for technical research and test supervision.
In 2021, the laboratory was expanded with a complete set of 4G/5G equipment, which can be used for simulating live network application scenarios and for security testing.

Despite numerous job opportunities received from companies in San Francisco, Zurich, Tokyo, London and Seoul, Bongiorni decided to accept the position offered by ZTE and move back to Italy. “ZTE Italy has given me the great opportunity to make a difference both at a corporate level in the field of Product Security, and at a national security level, allowing me to create a cybersecurity lab and hire the best Italian talents in the field of Cyber Security, where ZTE products are tested to ensure full compliance with the high security standards required by the current Italian regulations on Golden Power, CVCN and National Security Perimeter” – said the newly appointed Director.

“After spending many years abroad and gaining multicultural work experience, I felt ready to return and contribute to the technological development of our beloved country,” says Bongiorni.

A goal that is fully shared by ZTE Italia, which has been working for years to support the Italian territory and which in the future will aim to attract more and more young Italian talents.