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Concluded at Salone delle Fontane IOThings Rome,

two days entirely dedicated to the internet of things.

From smart glasses for augmented reality to home automation devices, from geolocation devices to solutions to make services in cities smarter. Zte, one of the world’s leading players in telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology for mobile Internet solutions, has brought to the scene the future of connected objects at IOThings Rome, the event completely dedicated to the internet of things and digital transformation that ended today at the Salone delle Fontane dell’Eur.

Being main sponsor of the event, ZTE exhibited the most advanced devices in the health care and automotive sector at its stand. 

But, at the Salone delle Fontane, there was much more: smart glasses for augmented reality, made with brochesia, which will allow us to rethink new working models, trackers with geodefence functionality and SOS buttons capable of recognizing the position of objects, animals or human beings within a certain perimeter, useful for monitoring dogs and cats or in the case of non self-sufficient people. Even more, devices for the automotive industry that generate wi-fi fields inside the car and collect and analyze driver behaviour, intelligent poles, developed in partnership with Solerzia, which can integrate multiple services, from recharging electric cars and video cameras for video analysis, whose application in smart cities ranges from traffic management to predictive security.

Only a few days ago in its Research and Development Center in L’Aquila, Zte show the enormous potential of the 5G, updating customers and press on the state and areas of experimentation that the company is conducting right in the capital of Abruzzo together with Wind Tre. Now at IOThings, visitors were able to try out devices that promise to change everyday life.